What makes a good villain?


What makes a good villain? The best villains are the ones that bring out the evil in you. They make you want to do horrible things to them. They rouse your inner villain. How are villains made? Chemical X? Chromosome X? Or maybe some History X.



The brainchild of four individuals who met in the advertising industry, this series aims to intrigue with an alternate view on the ones we love to hate – super villains. After all, if people aren’t one-dimensional, why should their stories be? The exhibition was held at the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention 2013.



Selina Kyle

A life of crime is better than no life at all. Selina Kyle’s descent into darkness began almost as soon as she was born. Daughter to a depressed woman and a violent drunk, young Selina sought solace from the domestic violence by immersing herself in gymnastics. Her mother died in a blood bath – a literal bathtub of her own blood. Shortly after abusing Selina and alcohol, her father succumbed to his drinking. The teenager then took to the streets and adapted her skills to survive. Thus began the development of Gotham’s most prolific cat burglar – Catwoman. Though adept at escaping from crime scenes, this Feline Fatale is less successful in escaping her past. Though sharing a similar past with the caped crusader, the contrast in their outcomes couldn’t be starker. So is it Catwoman’s past which made her? Or what she made of her past?



Jack Napier

Laugh and the world will laugh with you. Or else. Imagine if your father put a knife down your throat. Wait. No. That was the lie told to psychiatric intern, Harleen Quinzel. Imagine wanting no more than to bring joy to the world, then having your joy taken from this world. Jack Napier was a failed comedian, who sought out the other side of the law to support his wife and unborn child. But an electrical shortage took them both, and a freak accident, took his sanity and everything else. It’s this cruel joke that created Gotham’s Crown Prince of Crime – The Joker. But one can only wonder, though The Joker often laughs till he cries, did he begin by crying till he laughed?



Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

Money can buy everything, especially revenge. Blessed to be born into a wealthy family, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot was unfortunately cursed with short stature and a beak-like nose. His unusual appearance set him apart from everyone. Very, very, far apart. Rejected by society, Oswald was smothered with affection by his overly-protective mother. After losing her husband to pneumonia, she insisted that Oswald carried an umbrella everywhere he went. It shielded him from the rain, but not the rain of blows from bullies, as they continuously crowed “Penguin” – based on his appearance, and his love of ornithology. Though robbed of his self-worth, Oswald was bestowed all his family’s worth, as they perished one by one. This financial freedom gave rise to the reinvention of “The Penguin”. By sticking to his old moniker, is The Penguin trying to have the last cackle by becoming Gotham’s biggest bully?


Below is footage captured at the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention held in September 2013— the biggest comic convention held at Marina Bay Sands convention center. It was interesting to observe how the audience had their own interpretations of the artworks.


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