Going paperless for New York City's emergency management




New York City Emergency Management helps New Yorkers prepare when a hurricane happens – from finding their household members to connecting with loved ones. As part of the emergency process, administration staff had to fill out paper shelter forms, which became a strenuous task to do. They decided to go paperless with their shelter form, to make the process efficient for both the people in need, and for staff members.


The original paper hurricane shelter form


Building a User Friendly website

As this website serves for a fairly straight forward purpose, we had to make sure that the layout was intuitive enough for staff members to fill out. That means that the form structure should not be far off from the paper shelter form, and has to be responsive to various devices depending on where and how staff are filling the forms out.



Applying error states on form


Micro Interactions

We had to think of error states that are clear enough to the staff members when filling out the form. Simple, micro interactions such as the input box sliding upwards indicate to user where data needs to be filled in.



Responsive Design

The layout adapts from a 12 column grid on desktop to a 1 column grid on mobile. We designed the layout and tested its usability through the Invision App prototyping tool.




Agency— C&G Partners
Role— User Interface and Experience Design