Live artist performance


The Opening Set

IBM held their Amplify conference in Las Vegas to introduce IBM Watson and redefine customer engagement in our cognitive era. They invited ElasticShore to create an interactive live performance for their opening, and had me on board as their visual artist.


Working Backstage

Gordey led the creative development for the software that will be used during the live performance. Practice sessions were held and choreographed by founder of ElasticShore, Patrick — in order for the team to be familiar with the soundscape, supporting visuals, and performer movements. A midi controller and Wacom tablet were setup as part of my live drawing tools. Notch was used to capture the live drawing action — to emphasize that the performance is a human to human collaboration, with the machine as an enabling tool.


ibm_04 ibm_05 IMG_20170319_113139



ibm_06ibm_07ibmamplify02 ibm_08ibm_09ibmamplify03


Art Direction — Drury Design
Choreographer + Lead — Patrick Lovejoy
Creative Coder — Gordey Chernyy
Dancers — Dassy Lee + Ze

Music provided by Drury Design for IBM