A regression in social paradigms



The Challenge

The problem about today is that people are inclining towards aesthetic perfection as the ideal way to get by life easily. Some starve themselves to achieve society’s ideal body, some splurge thousands of dollars on beauty injections, and others go under the knife. We are objectifying ourselves as designed objects. How else can we explain the success of all things related to aesthetics? Fashion, tattoos, beauty products, body piercings and hair styling. It’s cliche but it’s happening.



I M PERFECT is a graphic design-based documentation of people’s physical imperfections.

The website acts as an accessible space for people to view and express their physical insecurities. It collects a network of perspectives from people based on how they feel about their own imperfections. Using the representational form of a skeletal diagram, each person creates their own identity through the display of wearable objects or application of cosmetic products. Their flaws are voiced through recorded speech and their imperfections are documented on video.


User Survey

Surveys were conducted for a month, to gather feedback from individuals aged between 15-35 about what they feel most uncomfortable about their own appearance.




Visual Representation

The speed of the flickering circles on the skeletal diagram represent the most self-conscious areas of the human physicality. The faster it flickers, the more recognized the area of imperfection is. Based on recent collated data from the public, small breasts, fat thighs, and the forehead are areas that are considered as most imperfect.



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