Are we neighbours, or strangers?


The Premise

Through interwoven activities, our paths often cross those of others – but rarely do we allow our souls to connect or even our eyes to meet. What if, for once, we took the time to open up, break down the walls around us and allow people to walk into our lives?



A Void Experience is an exhibition that observes mainstream asocial behaviour of HDB residents in Singapore through a multi-sensory experience. It showcases the absence of communication between neighbours who brush past each other at void decks, inside lifts, or along corridors; whereby any kind of acknowledgment towards one another seems to demand effort.



Using the void deck of a HDB flat in Buangkok as a showcase platform, the exhibition is initiated as a design-based social experiment that explores the avoidance among neighbours living behind the closed doors of their own units. We are gradually sinking into our own comfort zones despite living in a common building shared with others, and suffice running the routines of an everyday life without even acknowledging the presence of those right next door.



Image 1 | HDB’s residences exploring the setup at their void deck.


The Setup

It invites you to follow the lives of 10 different individuals as the stories behind each of their facades are revealed to uncover the reasons behind the sense of void emotions and emptiness that exist amongst us.


Visual Representation

The topological triangles that represents the 10 HDB resident individuals; the taller the triangle, the older the individual is.


Image 4 | Initial sketches before the installation setup.