The gravitation towards doing it yourself

In March 2014, I participated at the new Homefix Makerspace at Taiseng Avenue. It is a new experience centre setup by the Home DIY company, to support tinkerers, makers, designers and artists alike to get together in one space and inspire.It is a lovely community at the new makerspace, and it was a joy to have met so many talented people with great minds alike, ready to get hands-on at the refurbished labs and workshops.



Image 01 | Carpentry tools available at the makerspace’s workshop


Image 02 | 3D printing with the MakerBot Replicator 2X


Image 03 | Isaac Wong sawing a wooden plank at the workshop

Homefix recently initiated a Makerspace at their office at Tai Seng. Inviting artists, makers, carpenters, programmers, we joined of the programme. Insights on the activities at took place during the participation with other like-minded individuals.


Image 04 | A wide variety of hands-on tools at the workshop

Image 05 | Carpentry at the workspace

Image 05 | Workshop tools