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Hello There

Hi! I'm a digital maverick who’s fascinated by science fiction.
Here's some examples of how I apply design thinking with technology.



interactive environment

Personal Space in Cities

interactive museum

Treasures of the Aga Khan

interactive performance

IBM Watson

speculative design

The Future of Protest

urban data visualization

Crime in Manhattan

data visualization

Big Brother

user interface design

The Bamberger Group

I started out building websites for rock bands when I was 17. It eventually grew into an obsession with the internet and how I can magnify people’s passions through interactive design. After working as an Art Director for 5 years, I moved my life from Singapore to New York to dive deeper into the realms of design and technology.

My name is Lim Si Ping, but I go by the pseudonym Handson — I like to get my hands dirty. I operate as a freelance interactive designer and occasional maverick, building things in-between from arduino bots to 3D printing. I also teach about design at MFA Design+Technology at Parsons The New School of Design.

My creative journey has been a fruitful one, having my work published in international press, won a couple of awards, granted scholarships and collaborated with amazing people.

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